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Dr. Ellen Coyne, FACC
Your Family Chiropractor


"Dr. Coyne has helped me tremendously with my neck and back issues. I was introduced to her through a friend. I was at the point of having severe difficulty turning my head without pain while driving and trying to do every day simple tasks. After being in Dr. Coyne's care, I feel 1000% better. Dr. Coyne is truly committed to her patients' well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. She far surpasses other chiropractors I've seen."


I've been a patient since 1997!

I have been a
patient of Dr. Coyne's since 1997. I get treatment weekly for my
mid and lower back pains, and muscle spasms. I will not have any more
surgery but I will always continue to see Dr. Coyne because she will do
whatever possible to make my life less painful. She is like family and
also treats my two sons and husband. I would definitely recommend her
and I do always."


The pain is gone!

"I love Dr. Coyne's office! I feel welcomed and comfortable. My anxiety has gone down, the pain is gone, and my energy level has returned. I feel mentally and physically fit! I would definitely recommend Dr. Coyne's chiropractic care. I love the non-invasive procedures!"


Excellent care!

"I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Coyne's chiropractic care to others and have been more than happy to spread the news of the excellent care and holistic treatment I and my family have received. I've lost weight, I am able to move more freely without pain and stiffness, I have a more active sexual life, and the rest is history!"


Dr. Coyne wants people to leave with a smile!

October 2012, I came into Dr. Coyne's office and said I think I need to
quit my job. I couldn't sit 10 hours a day because it was too painful.
Dr. Coyne was able to reduce my pain on a scale of 1-10 from 10 to 5 in
just a few sessions. Now I can do things without pain. Dr. Coyne wants
people to leave with a smile."


My headaches are relieved!

"I could barely walk 2 to 3 blocks at a time before coming to Dr. Coyne due to what was becoming a chronic pain in my left hip. I am now pain free, my headaches have been relieved, and I am boasting the best posture I've had in my life!"


I will continue to refer people I care about!

"As a result of Dr. Coyne's chiropractic care, I have been pain-free for the first time in years. I live for a neck adjustment from Dr. Coyne. It improved both my physical well-being as well as my attitude and outlook. I have already recommended Dr. Coyne to others and I will continue to refer people I care about."


Dr. Coyne does wonders!

"It's overwhelming what Dr. Coyne has done for me! I've been seeing Dr. Coyne for 7 years and she has done wonders for me. I used to have lower back pain and sciatica, but don't experience any pain now. I appreciate all her staff and service!"



"I could not walk two blocks without any pain. My sharp back pain went away completely. I feel much more limber and loose. It's a wonderful feeling!"



"After receiving chiropractic care, I always feel more flexible and therefore am able to participate more in the activities I enjoy. Chiropractic care makes me feel even more enthusiastic and the office staff always make me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Coyne's is the place to be for people who care about their well-being."


I finally know the feeling of comfort!

"I've always experienced lower back pain and chronic pain in my neck. After a year of regular treatment from Dr. Coyne, I finally know what it feels like to not experience discomfort at all times. I recommend chiropractic care, and especially Dr. Coyne, to all friends and family!"



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  • "Dr. Coyne has helped me tremendously with my neck and back issues..."
    RB | New York, NY